A Unique Photographic Service for the Watch World 

CalibreImage has a goal to provide world-class commercial and editorial watch imagery that is instantly recognisable. Comprised of the some of the world's top photographer's, CalibreImage was founded by Kristian Dowling in collaboration with Adam Priscak. Most of the images are taken in a mater of minutes using a new photographic technique without the time constraints of long setup times. This combination of quality and efficiency enables Calibre Image to stand out from the rest.


The Primary Photographers

Kristian Dowling has been one of the top global celebrity-entertainment photographers for the past 13 years. Working with the world's biggest names on key assignments, his experience has taken him to the world's most important events including Beijing Olympics, Cannes Film Festival, NY Fashion Week, MTV Music/Movie Awards, and on tour with Pop Stars like Katy Perry. Initially appearing on Instagram as 'LEICASHOT', Kristian has earned a reputation as a premier watch-photographer, capable of achieving high-level results with amazing lighting in a matter of minutes.


Adam Priscak, experienced watch photographer with fashion background, was the founding half of WatchAnish, where he contributed to developing the new trend of connecting fashion and watches, showcasing some of the most exclusive watches in luxury settings. Since then, he has developed his own strong style and decided to take watch photography to another level. With his in-depth knowledge of social media along with his unique style, Adam offers a strong package for both big established watch brands as well as independent brands. 


Copyright disclaimer: All images are copyright 'CalibreImage' and may not be used for any purposes without permission.